Local tour 15 days


Centre and west




15 days

Sample Tour

Authentic oldtimers, Cuban cigars and exotic fish

Vibrant and colourful Havana, green and charming Viñales, fishing village Playa Girón, Cienfuegos-city: "The pearl of the south", picturesque and musical Trinidad and Varadero with its beautiful bounty beaches.

During this tour, with relatively short distances between the destinations, you get a good and varied impression of Cuba and the locals. You will enjoy a lovely combination of culture, nature, colonial cities, green tobacco fields and beautiful pearly white beaches. By staying in casas particulares you will get a taste of the local lifestyle and a more intimate look into a real Cuban household. You will do a tour in a classic oldtimer in Havana, visit a tobacco farm in Viñales, swim among brightly coloured fish in Playa Girón and go on a local tour by bicitaxi through the suburbs of Trinidad. In short, all the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday!


Private Transfer*



Casas particulares & all-inclusive hotel Varadero


€ 1.130 - p.p.*


* Bus or rental car is also possible.

* This price is based on a double room for a round trip during low season.




Your trip to Cuba create economic impact on the local population


Havana, Viñales, Playa Larga, Ciengfuegs, Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, Varadero



Havana Cuba


Day 1 - Havana Vieja or Vedado

After arriving at Havana or Varadero airport you will travel straight to your casa particular in Havana. Here you can settle in and really start enjoying your holiday!

Day 2 – Havana Vieja or Vedado – Tour in a classic oldtimer

In the morning you will have a Meet&Greet with our local representative and you will do a city tour with a local guide. At the end of this tour you take a seat in a classic oldtimer to discover Havana like a real habanero. 

Day 3 – Havana Vieja or Vedado
Explore the neighbourhoods and stroll along the Malecón, which is the spot for musicians, couples in love, night owls, vendors and spectators. Take a break here, stare at the horizon and be amazed by a magical sunset.




Day 4 - Viñales
Today you travel to the Cuban countryside. At the casa you will receive a warm welcome with a cocktail. Enjoy the beautiful green surroundings!

Day 5 - Viñales – Tobacco walking tour
In the morning you will visit a local tobacco farm with an English-speaking guide. Here you will walk around the farm and learn all about the tobacco process surrounded by the enchanting landscape of Viñales.

Playa Larga



Day 6 - Playa Larga 
The village itself is lovely and small, and has an interesting museum about the Bay of Pigs invasion. The area is especially attractive because of the breath-taking nature and the various snorkelling spots.


Day 7 - Playa Larga – Sendero del Enigma
Visit nature reserve Ciénaga de Zapata today. In the Cueva de los Peces you can swim among the colourful fish and you can even practice cave diving. Discover and enjoy the flora and fauna of Sendero del Enigma after this.




Day 8 - Cienfuegos
From Playa Girón you travel on to charming Cienfuegos. Your casa particular is located at the bay of Punta Gorda or in the city centre. Enjoy the beautiful view and explore this French colonial city at your leisure.




Day 9 – Trinidad
If you leave early, you can visit the waterfalls of El Nicho on your way to Trinidad. This is the perfect chance to freshen up. In Trinidad, get seated on a sidewalk and enjoy everything that happens around you.

Day 10 – Trinidad - Local bicitour
In the morning your bicitaxi will be ready to show you the most interesting spots in the outskirts of Trinidad. You will visit these places with a real trinitario and get to discover where the real Cuban life takes place.

Day 11 – Trinidad – Valle de los Ingenios
Together with a guide, you will visit the former sugar cane plantations located in the Valle de los Ingenios. In a classic oldtimer you will make several stops, such as a beautiful viewpoint over the valley of San Isidro.​

Sancti Spíritus

Sancti Spiritus.jpg


Day 12 – Sancti Spíritus - Cooking workshop

Sancti Spíritus is the perfect destination to immerse yourself into the everyday Cuban life. It is beaitfully located along the Yayabo river. During the cooking workshop you will learn how to combine the real Cuban flavours.




Day 13 – Varadero

At the end of your trip you get to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Varadero. Along the way you can make a stop in Santa Clara: the city of Che Guevara and here you can visit the Che Guevara monument.


Day 14 – Varadero

Beautiful spacious beaches, palm trees and crystal-clear seawater. Relax and enjoy a cocktail on one of the world's most beautiful beaches. Or try one of the water sports! We can also book you a beautiful all-inclusive resort here.


Day 15 - Retour


Meet&Greet in Havana with a local MiCuba representative

Havana: Oldtimer & city tour

Viñales: Welcome cocktail + Tobacco walking tour

Playa Girón: Sendero del Enigma

Trinidad: Bicitour + Valle de los Ingenios

Sancti Spíritus: Cooking workshop

Rental car 10 days (standard automatic), private transfers or bus tickets

14 nights in casas particulares (breakfast included)

Transfers from and to the airport (Havana airport or Varadero airport)

English-speaking guide for all excursions

Local assistance

Not included

International flight

On-site car insurance and extras

Tourist visa

Optional excursions