Responsible tourism

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Responsible tourism -Local – Authentic

We stand for responsible and sustainable tourism.. We believe that Cubans must benefit from the travellers who explore and enjoy their country. That's why we work closely together with local initiatives. For travellers this means that while you enjoy a truly unique experience in Cuba, you also support the local economy, and specifically your casa owners and guides. Your trip really has an impact!

We are proud members of the Travelife network. Travelife is a leading international management and certification program for travel organisations such as ours, who want their business to be sustainable. Travelife assist in managing and improving social and environmental aspects, so that they meet the sustainability criteria. We believe that successful business and corporate social responsibility closely relate to each other.

Direct impact with your trip


Cultural exchanges

We believe in fostering cultural exchanges. By travelling with us you get unique opportunities for meaningful local connections with local people. This way your trip will be an enlightening experience for both you and the local people you are in contact with.


Casas particulares

By staying in casas particulares, you directly support the casa owners and their family. Furthermore, when their casa grows busier, casa owners will employ different people to help with cooking and cleaning. Hence your stay has an impact on many different families.


Guides and drivers

We work with local guides and drivers – people who are passionate about their area and who are happy to share this with you. By going on excursions with us, not only do you get the real insider-information, but you also support the families of these guides and drivers.

Why a casa particular

Casas particulares are a popular type of accommodation throughout Cuba. A casa particular is a kind of Cuban Bed & Breakfast, which means that you stay with a Cuban family - but of course with the privacy of a private room with air conditioning and access to your own bathroom and toilet.