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Oldtimers in Cuba

Cuba is known for the beautiful classic vintage cars that still drive around everywhere. The Cubans have become masters in maintaining and driving these cars. It remains a special feeling to be in such an old car, no matter how many times you can do it in Cuba. Experience as many vintage cars as possible during your trip!

In Havana you can explore all the highlights in a real oldtimer. Visit a garage and learn from an expert how Cubans repair their vintage cars and keep them in good condition. But also make use of this classic car as a local taxi - for example in Havana, Viñales or Trinidad. This way you can enjoy this special feeling throughout your trip!

Cultural workshops

Local experiences and connections with the locals make your trip extra special, and it is of course also great fun to do something with the whole family. Aylen gives several workshops in Trinidad, including salsa and percussion. Cuba is of course known for its famous music and dance. These workshops are the best way to get loose and become completely immersed in Cuban music.

For both the salsa workshop and the percussion workshop it does not matter whether you already have some experience or are still a beginner. Aylen knows exactly how she can teach you the basics in the most fun way. Who knows, you might discover hidden talents of yourself or a family member! In any case, Aylen is looking forward to help you experience this piece of Cuban culture for yourself.

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Salty and fresh water fun

The nice thing about a tour through the west and middle of Cuba is that the travel distances are relatively short, but that the diversity of the destinations is really beautiful. Cuba is a warm country, so it is not unimportant to cool down and be able to go for a swim! And luckily there are so many options for this.

In Viñales you can stay in a hotel with swimming pool, or you can take a trip to the island of Cayo Levisa for a beach day. From Cienfuegos and Trinidad too you can easily go to beautiful beaches nearby. Or how about waterfalls and natural pools! An absolute must is El Nicho, between Cienfuegos and Trinidad, and the Javira waterfall in El Cubano near Trinidad. The famous Varadero beach is then the perfect end to the trip.. Enjoy!

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