Viñales valley

Exotic nature and tradition

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Tobacco fields and cigars

In the west of Cuba, in the middle of the green valley, lies the village of Viñales. In this valley in the province of Pinar del Río, the legendary tobacco plant grows on the flat fields and between the rising mogotes (limestone hills). The beautiful area has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the perfect place to learn all about the tobacco process

Immerse yourself in Cuban rural life, and where better to do that than at an organic farm in Viñales. Growing the plants, drying the tobacco leaves - the local farmers will tell you all about all the steps necessary to produce the best Cuban cigars. And of course you can also try rolling a cigar yourself! The perfect way to learn more about local culture and traditions.

Breath-taking views

In the hilly area of Viñales there are many places with the most beautiful views. So find as many as you can! Of course you have the famous viewpoint over the whole valley at hotel Los Jazmines. You can also easily walk out of the village and climb one of the hills, from where you have a beautiful view of the area. Make sure to chat with the villagers you meet along the way.

A visit to the Viñales mural cannot be missed, but I recommend to climb this special rock. There is a fairly steep, but doable, path behind the mural onto the rock. You will occasionally have to clamber over branches, but the view over the valley and the mogotes is absolutely worth it!

Photos Viñales

Cycle off the beaten track

The best way to discover the beautiful surroundings of Viñales is of course by bicycle. It gives you complete freedom to draw up your own plan and stop wherever you want. Isn't that the best way to really relax in the midst of this breath-taking nature? Cycle to the mural: it is not far and you will encounter beautiful mogotes along the way. Or cycle the other way from the village to the different caves. These are definitely worth a visit!


You will be amazed by the natural diversity of Viñales. The area also has all kinds of hidden gems, if you want to go more off the beaten track. A long bike ride can bring you to a river where you can swim. Or head to a lake a little closer to Viñales, perfect to cool down as well. At the end of the day, don't forget to relax with a cocktail in the village. Salud!

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