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MiCuba B.V. -  KVK 70278547


Travel guarantee
The payment is made through an account in the Netherlands. This offers you ease of payment and prevents extra costs. MiCuba offers you a guarantee of quality and financial security. We are affiliated with the VvKR, GGTO and Travelife. By booking directly with us, more money goes to the destination itself and you are assured of a unique travel experience.

MiCuba is affiliated with the VvKR, the Association of Small-scale Travel Organisations. This interest group offers a platform to small-scale, mostly specialist organisations and represents the interests of these organisations. The VvKR guarantees that its members meet the legal requirements for travel organisations. All tours are conducted in small groups or on an individual basis, and overnight stays are often in authentic accommodations in unique locations and with respect for local culture, traditions and practices.

The GGTO Foundation guarantees that you will recover the already paid part of your travel sum if the tour operator is in financial incapacity. This can be before departure, but also during your stay on location. In addition, the GGTO Foundation guarantees your return trip if the tour operator can no longer take care of this due to financial inability.

We are a proud partner of Travelife. Travelife is a leading international management and certification programme for travel organisations like ours, who want their business to be sustainable. Travelife helps manage and improve social and environmental aspects, so that they meet the sustainability criteria. We believe that successful and corporate social responsibility are closely linked.

Last updated: February 10 2023

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